I enjoyed playing shogi with RAZA(Australia) on 25th September

We played 3 non-handicapped match on 25th September.

At 1st game, Raza's fork on king and rook shocked me. I perfectly lose.

At 2nd game, Raza's 5th Range rook annoyed me. In the End-game, I made a reversal and won.

3rd game was Static Rook tactics. I was surprised at P-86 (move 41). Raza has a pliable idea, I think.

Raza is stronger than I thought. I look forward to playing shogi again.


  1. Where did this match took place? Playok, shogidojo, brainking or 81 Dojo?


  2. Hello, Taigaa001.
    Thank you for your comment.

    This match was played in Tokyo dojo of Shogi Club 24.

  3. Hi Allen san

    I thought I would have a quick look at your blog...
    Hey , what a surprise , you have been playing RAZA!
    I met him last year , we played several games at a cafe in Brisbane, which was great fun!
    I will study these games tomorrow:)...

  4. Wow , that was a nice win by Raza in the first game ! I think he is much stronger than me now.

  5. What a great battle the second game was!
    I thought RAZA might win again , a very nice counter attack for you in the end Allen san , well played!

  6. Hello, darren.
    I look forward to playing you tomorrow.

    About 1st game, on move 32 I had to play "P-44" to avoid Bishop exchange.

    About 2nd game, on move 16 I had to play "S-42". In the actual game, RAZA succeeded in promoting his Bishop. I have many things to learn from games that I lost or I almost lost :-)