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I changed the title of this blog.

I changed the title of this blog from "A wonderful shogi world" to "A happy Shogi guy".


match with ramalam(Australia)

I(w1allen, Japan, R1318) enjoyed playing two games with ramalam(Australia, R146) on 10th Oct. 2010.

1st game was a 2 pieces handicapped one. On move 48, it is better to play "P*54", I think. For an example, we can play "Sx54" "Sx44" "K-63" "Rx34". If "P*33", then "Nx33+" and the Black can make the 3-file breakthrough and make an easy way to win.

2nd game was an even one. Move 48 "P-45" is not a good move, I think. It is curious that after "Px45" the Black cannot play "Nx45". Before "P-45", the Black should move "K-18" or "K-29" to prepare for the work of the Bishop of White.

I look forward to playing with ramalam again. See you.