match with ramalam(Australia)

I(w1allen, Japan, R1318) enjoyed playing two games with ramalam(Australia, R146) on 10th Oct. 2010.

1st game was a 2 pieces handicapped one. On move 48, it is better to play "P*54", I think. For an example, we can play "Sx54" "Sx44" "K-63" "Rx34". If "P*33", then "Nx33+" and the Black can make the 3-file breakthrough and make an easy way to win.

2nd game was an even one. Move 48 "P-45" is not a good move, I think. It is curious that after "Px45" the Black cannot play "Nx45". Before "P-45", the Black should move "K-18" or "K-29" to prepare for the work of the Bishop of White.

I look forward to playing with ramalam again. See you.

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